Fishery Rules

In order to keep the fishing second to none at Taswood and to keep our fish in top condition we do have some sensible rules which we ask all residents and guests to adhere to. This not only ensures great fishing but also that the lakes are a peaceful place to relax and unwind.

Owners and Bailiffs conduct regular checks including rig checks to ensure compliance to the rules as fish welfare is paramount. So please do not be offended if your rigs are checked, this is to ensure we all have beautiful looking fish to catch.

  • All anglers must read and abide by the rules of the fishery. Purchasing a ticket/booking a holiday ensures that you, and any others in your party agree to be bound by these rules.
  • The management reserves the right to withdraw any permit without stating a reason.
  • No responsibility is accepted for injury, loss of property or loss of life.
  • All litter to be taken home. (Except lodge residents where refuse collection is catered for)
  • No alcohol allowed on the fishery (Unless in lodge)
  • No rods to be left unattended in the water (No more than 1 swim away).
  • Fish may not be introduced, nor removed from the fishery or moved between the lakes.
  • The lakes can be closed at any time. N.B. Due to weather or adverse conditions
  • A maximum of two rods per angler. N.B. An Environment Agency Rod License is required.
  • Fish only from the marked swims, and only 1 swim at a time.
  • Keep to designated pathways and out of ‘out of bounds’ areas. (If you snag a tree or a fish becomes snagged, check with bailiff or shop/reception to retrieve tackle)
  • Visitors are warned that it is very dangerous to leave children unattended near lakes.
  • Tilley lamps are not allowed. If required a small well shielded light may be used.
  • Dogs, boats (baitboats allowed), fires, swimming or unruly behavior will not be permitted
  • Radios must be kept at a low volume (So only you can hear it)
  • No unaccompanied juniors allowed.
  • Juniors (Under 16) will not be allowed on the carp lakes without special permission.
  • No entry to the fishery during the hours of darkness.
  • Any infringement of the rules of this fishery are to be reported to the Baliff or Management.
  • Coarse fishing ticket – Lapwing, Grebe, Osprey.
  • Carp lake ticket – Fish only the lake you are pre-booked on. If you want to move then you must check with bailiff or shop/reception.
  •  If you are staying in one of the lodges then you are able to fish any of the lakes on the complex without pre-booking.

Tackle Rules

  • Manufactured Barbless hooks only (No crushed barbs)
  • No fixed bolt rigs (All leads, beads etc must be releasable in case of line breakages)
  • No leadcore or unleaded leadcore or leadcore alternatives. (safezone style leaders and tubing can be used as an alternative)
  • The ‘Method’ is permitted (method feeders) on coarse lakes and Spring (not on Broadwing, Heron or Grove)
  • No Braided mainline or shock leaders except on marker and spod rods.
  • Particle baits are banned, except loose fed sweetcorn, maize, hemp, wheat and carp pellets in moderation. (No nuts or peas or spod mixes containing these)
  • Large Carp unhooking mats & nets must be used at all times on carp lakes (42” min on Heron, Broadwing & Grove).
  • No carp sacks or keepnets.
  • All nets, weighslings and mats to be dipped in tanks provided to prevent the spread of disease.
  • No heavy carp gear on Lapwing, Osprey & Grebe lakes
  • You must not stand up and hold fish for photographing. The fish must be held as close to the ground and unhooking mat as possible and returned to the lake inside a sling or mat.
  • No tents or gazebos (angling bivvy’s only)
  • No bivvy’s are allowed to block paths as access required across the fishery at all times.
  • Baitboat’s are allowed.