Specialist Carp Runs Water

As the name suggests this lake is fed by freshwater springs rising from the Tas Valley, a very beautiful and picturesque lake being surrounded by mature trees and shrubs with weeping willows dipping into the water and clumps of different coloured water lilies.

There is a large head of Mirror, Common,Ghost and Grass Carp to over 20lbs. A fresh strain of hard fighting English carp were stocked for the 2011 season. A variety of methods will produce. Boilies to far lily margin and half way out into the open water will often produce plenty of fish. The fish will also feed well off the surface.

This is by far the easiest of the 4 carp lakes and is ideal for those new to carp fishing or those looking for instant success, it is stocked heavily with singles and doubles with fish to just over 20lbs to keep you entertained.

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